Property Management

Our commercial management team provides a professional service, tailored to suit our clients requirements and preferences.

Commercial Property Management Japan

At SOGO SHISETSU KANRI our commercial management service can be tailored to suit a clients' specific requirements and direct client contact is a regular feature of our management function.

Commercial property is an essential part of our business. We appreciate that the maximisation of return, balanced with the minimisation of expenditure is a key goal in commercial property investment. SOGO SHISETSU KANRI can help achieve this goal through effective and efficient property management in Japan. SOGO SHISETSU KANRI represents and acts for a diverse range of private, institutional and corporate clients.

We undertake regular property visits to ensure tenant compliance with leasehold covenants. Our visits also enable us to ascertain compliance with Health & Safety regulations and monitor long term maintenance contracts. We utilise a bespoke commercial property management system which allows for detailed service charge budgeting and accurate client account reporting.

Our service includes:

  • Maintenance of buildings and their services
  • Collection of rents and other charges
  • Health & Safety advice
  • Accurate client account reporting
  • Property insurance reviews
  • Service charge budgets and reports
  • Regular property inspections
  • Staff management

Group Companies

  1. IRIOS
  2. IRI M&A Consulting


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